I’m Buggin’ Out…

I’ve been seriously considering getting a calorie management system, so I can track the calories I burn and the calories I eat, and really take a hard look at the numbers and see where I can improve. I already know that I need to increase my fitness level and feel that one of these little gadgets will help.

Now, I’m a big time Biggest Loser fan, and I’ve watched the contestants wearing the bodybugg® and read many articles from people swearing by it. I wasn’t too sure how I’d feel about having a band wrapped around my heavy arm, and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about people seeing it on me. I looked into other gadgets such as the FitBit which is really tiny, but based on reviews it’s more of a glorified pedometer and is not as accurate as the bodybugg®.

Ok, so my angels must be watching over me because I just don’t have it in my budget to purchase the bodybugg®. Soon after I posted about it on my Facebook wall a friend of mine offered to give me hers at a big discount and another friend of mine is a personal trainer certified with the bodybugg®! I’m absolutely ecstatic, and so today…

I am officially “Buggin’ Out” with my new bodybugg®.
I’d love to know who else is Buggin’ Out and how it’s working for you.

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2 Responses to I’m Buggin’ Out…

  1. Jay says:

    Until two days ago I was using my Bodybugg SP religiously and loving it then I did somethig stupid. I left it were my dog could get a hold of it and he chewed it to pieces. So I guess I am without one until I can save up some cash for a new one :( I wrote a review about the SP if you would like to give it a read you can check it out Here!

    • Kim Hanau says:

      Oh no! I would have had a fit! Why don’t you tweet about it or put it up on Facebook? That’s what I did, and now I have my very own from a good friend who wasn’t using it. Thanks for the link to your review. I don’t have the SP, but maybe someday. :)

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